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Golden Fish Aquarium formed in 1988 , always been known  for rare and exotic fish. We specialize in African Cichlids and Discus

We are direct importer (keep price affordable to hobbyist). we offer wide variety of rare and exotic fresh water fish from around the world. 

"We hunt-up so you don't have to hunt them down" 

- Wild caught

- Farm raised

- Tanks raised

Golden Fish Aquarium policy has always been very clear from the beginning. We are fully customer- oriented and we are always in the process of improving our customer service, support, and product quality. We welcome and appreciate all feedback so we can use the valuable information to improve how we can keep you happy and satisfied.

Mon            12:00PM -  6:00PM

Tues           11:00AM -  6:00PM

Wed:           CLOSED

Thu:            11:00AM -    6:00PM

Friday:         11:00AM -   6:00PM

Saturday:    10:00AM -    5:00PM

Sunday:       Noon -         4:00PM

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